Denttabs teeth cleaning tablets with fluoride

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Teeth cleaning tablets with fluoride - a great alternative to toothpaste!

Effective and fast relief for sensitve teeth and beginning tooth decay

Conventional toothpastes consist of 50 % water. In order to produce a paste to stabilize it and make it preservable, you need many chemical ingredients. Denttabs was created to offer the best teeth care with a minimum amount of ingredients. From the original idea “just” to not use unnecessary chemistry we have developed a much more extensive product.

The benefits of Denttabs teeth cleaning tablets:
-    the DENTTABS® cellulose polishes! Gently and effectively. After 2–3 days you can even see it: Your teeth are beginning to shine. Your teeth will appear whiter—completely without the use of bleach! By polishing the tooth surfaces the discolorations of your teeth disappear (coffee, nicotine, red wine stains).
-    Super smooth surfaces of teeth prevent the build up of unpleasant plaque effectively. Less plaque means less caries, and that means less teeth and gum related problems.
-    Maximum protection – the tooth enamel is not being „rubbed off“ or destroyed. Denttabs is very gentle helping to preserve the tooth enamel.
-    Denttabs does not contain bleaches, binding agents or preservatives and their are BDIH certified as natural cosmetics.
-    They do not contain water, so they are perfect to take along on trips in your hand luggage

The fluoride in Denttabs
The exposure to acidic materials makes a demineralisation effect. In normal circumstances calcium and phosphate ions in saliva fill those gaps, that is called remineralisation. This is a completely natural process.  
Nowadays our teeth are under constant acidic attack from sugary and starchy foods. This means that the process of natural remineralisation does not occur properly. Fluoride is an agent that accelerates the remineralisation process, which is why it is added to tooth pastes.
There is a BUT – fluoride that is used in tooth pastes is in a form that disintegrates to ions when it comes to contact with water. This is necessary to start the process of remineralisation. But the problem with tooth pastes is that it contains up to 50% water. So, the declining process of fluoride begins already in the tube. At the end of the 90’s a study stated that the quantity of available fluoride ions in tooth paste had sunk to approximately 80% after only 4 months.
Denttabs tablets are special, because they do not contain water. This means that the beneficial efect of fluoride ions is preserved and released only in your mouth when the tablet comes into contact with the saliva. This enables us to get the maximum efect of fluoride requring a minimal amount of it in the tablets.  
The more intensive remineralisation process also helps decrease the sensitivity of the teeth.

Denttabs is nature friendly!
-    Teeth cleaning tablets do not contain water. Regular tooth paste consists of up to 50% water.
-    Denttabs container is used until it is totally empty. Used tubes of tooth paste contain on average about 11 grams of leftover tooth paste – as a result – in Germany, efery month about 440 tons of toothpaste is wasted and thrown away.

Chew up a Denttabs teeth cleaning tablet with your front teeth until you feel no more crumbs and you have a creamy foam in your mouth.
You can use a soft toothbrush to brush your teeth, as with regular tooth paste. And then just enjoy the ultra smooth, clean and shiny teeth.
Denttabs tablets with fluoride should not be used on small children.

Denttabs tablets are very gentle. Test at home!
The tile test
You will need: Denttabsi teeth cleaning tablets and a cotton cloth
Take a cotton cloth, break a Denttabs tablet on it and add a few drops of water. With the foam that appears, rub across the tile in your shower. First you feel the resistance of the tile due to the roughness of calcification. The longer you polish, the lesser gets the resistance. If you polish long enough, there will be no more resistance at all: The tiles are shining like a mirror. Once the surface is polished however, you can continue to polish with the cotton cloth, as long as you want: The tile remains the same, nothing gets “rubbed off ” or destroyed.

Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sodium Bicarbonate, Silica, Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate, Magnesium Stearate, Menthol, Xanthan Gum, Stevioside, Citric Acid, Sodium Fluoride, Eugenol, Natural Mint Aroma

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