1. Customer loyalty program

7.1. General provisions

7.1.1.     A loyal customer of Rosena has his/her account in the online system, in which it is possible to review purchase history, accumulate loyal customer points, save favorite goods, participate in special offers aimed at loyal customers and manage the information related to one’s account

7.1.2.     Any natural persons over 18 years of age and any legal persons may join Rosena loyalty program. Joining the loyalty program is voluntary and allows the registered person to obtain loyal customer bonuses. It is possible to join the loyalty program while making a purchase or on the website by following the Create Account/Register link.


7.2. Loyal customer privileges:

7.2.1.     Ability to collect bonus points that can be used to purchase the goods. Each purchase provides a number of bonus points to the Customer’s account. For each 10 euros spent 1 bonus point is transferred to the account. Once enough bonus points are collected the Customer may use them to purchase goods. Bonus points can be used for discount per each order in the amount of up to 20% of the value of the goods in the order. Example: The order contains 10€ worth of products, in this case a customer can use up to 2€ worth of bonus points for a discount. 

7.2.2.     Loyal customer offers; Loyal customer offers are sent via e-mail, and the prerequisite to receiving them is allowing newsletters to be sent.

7.2.3.     Information regarding campaigns, new goods and discounts in the online store;

7.2.4.     Ability to add favorite goods to the account (goods are added to separate categories for the Customer’s convenience);


7.3. Useful information

7.3.1.     Bonus points are accumulated on the account of the particular customer (the points are transferred to the account within 7 days after making a purchase). Bonus points of the loyalty program are valid for one year. Bonus points cannot be transferred to third parties.

7.3.2.     Bonus points are only issued where the Customer has registered as a loyal customer of Rosena and is logged in at the time of making a purchase.

7.3.3.     Information with regard to the bonus points on the Customer’s account is available after logging in, or by contacting Rosena by email or by phone +372 6 500 059 

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