YUMEARTH Organic sweet and sour lollipops 14 pcs

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In this package you will find the most favorite slightly sour flavors: apple, cherry and grape. Made from juice concentrates!

Yummy candies - candies and gummies that are free of most allergens.
Due to the absence of white refined sugar, they are the kind of candy that will not make children hyperactive.

100% Vegan.

NO gluten, GMOs, soy, casein, dairy, nuts, wheat, high glucose corn syrup or fat.

Only natural flavorings are used.

Sweet and sour soft lollipops are your package if your favorite is apple, cherry and grape. Grape and apple are not found in many blends. But if you try it, you'll like it. A very big plus of Yummi candies is that if candies with white refined sugar make children hyperactive, which is why, for example, it's not a good idea to have sweets in the evening if you want sweets to fall asleep in time, then Yummi candies do not have this effect. Even kindergarten teachers have confirmed this to us.

Yummi candies are free of most known allergens. Among our Yummimaias, there are many who, unfortunately, cannot consume other sweets. In this case, of course, we are very happy that we have something that suits them and brings a smile to their face instead of problems. Ordinary candies are not suitable for many people, and many of the words in the composition are incomprehensible. They also say that if you don't understand what's written, it's better to leave the product on the shelf.

Rich in vitamins: In addition, most products contain useful vitamin C.


Evaporated sugarcane juice*
Brown rice syrup*
Citric acid (from beet sugar)
Natural flavorings
Black carrot*
Ascorbic acid (vitamin C)
Made organically.

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